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HI 163 - Modern Latin America

Find Articles

Search a specialized history database like Historical Abstracts to find secondary sources -- scholarly journal articles, books, and dissertations on Latin American history (1450-present).

Other Databases

Political Science Complete

Latin American Music Review If the full text of the article is not available immediately in the database, click on the Full Text Finder link to locate the full text in another database.

Use Journal Finder if you have a citation and need to find the full text journal.

Web Resources

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)
Sponsored by the University of Texas (Austin), this site provides links to information about Latin American countries. For primary source material check out archive links at LANIC Archives.

Find Books

Search the SMC Library Catalog:

Search libraries worldwide:

Google Books

If you find a book the library does not own, submit an interlibrary loan request.

Browse Library Collection

latin american politics book
  • F1201-F3799   Latin America
  • F1201-F1392   Mexico
  • F1421-F1569   Central America
  • F1601-F2191   Caribbean
  • F2201-F3799   South America
  • F2501-F2659   Brazil

Use Subject Headings

Find News

Access World news Search Access World News or Infotrac Newsstand to find news articles from a broad range of newspapers and newswires from around the world.

Consult Translation Resources if needed to get a quick understanding of an article.

Other News Databases

ProQuest Newspapers
Lexis Nexis Academic

Check out the headlines at BBC News: Latin America & Caribbean or Yahoo Latin America News Headlines.

Search Google News for current stories. Use the Advanced Search dropdown in the search box to limit your search to a location (i.e. bolivia) or a news source (i.e. cnn). Search the Archives to track the emergence of an ongoing issue.

You can also search for sites in your country by adding inurl:[country abbreviation] to your search. Find country abbreviations at Internet World Stats.

Find Country Info/Stats

Europa World

Search a specialized country resource like Europa World to find up-to-date information on elections, government officials, country statistics, and media outlets to name a few.

Other Databases

Credo Reference
Global Road Warrior

Political Handbook of the World Use the Political Handbook of the World to get more detailed information about political parties in your country and other organizations.

Print Resources

Travel guides and other reference books on Latin America can be found in the Reference section with call numbers between F1201 through F3799. 

Search Reference Universe to find other reference material in the library's collection.

Encyclopedia of Latin American Politics
REF F1410 .E56 2002
Includes information like election history and major political parties.

Garland Handbook of Latin American
ML199 .G36 2008
Compilation of cultures of the region.

South America, Central America, and the Caribbean
REF F1401 .S68 2010
Compilation of statistics and background information on Latin American countries.

Latin America
REF F 1401 .L3252 2009

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture
E-book (2008)

Pop Culture Latin America! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle
E-book (2005)

Selected Web Resources

United Nations data search allows you to search across multiple sources such as UNESCO, Food and Agriculture Organization, etc.

Statistics and reports from United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. Click on Worldwide from the menu and select a UNESCO region to pull up various countries.

World Bank
Select a country from the Countries menu button and find statistics, publications, and special reports related to that country.

The World Health Organization a branch of the United Nations provides statistics and reports related to health trends globally.

Human development statistics from the United Nations.

Find Multimedia


Search the SMC Library Catalog for Videos/DVDs

Limit to:

Secret Eyes Movie

Audio, Video, and Images

Academic OneFile
Limit search to images, audio, and video files.

Yahoo Video Search

YouTube Channels


Find podcasts in Google by typing inurl:podcast and your keyword in the search box.



Credo Reference
Do an image search on your country in specialized encyclopedias and atlases.

Media tools

Easily edit YouTube videos.

Open source audio editor.

Evaluating Sources

Consider the following factors when evaluating your sources.

Currency - Is the timeliness of the information appropriate? Check the publication date of the website, book, or article. Date may not be an issue with historical topics unless you are looking for primary sources.

Relevance - Does the information fit your assignment/research question? Look at abstract, table of contents, introduction, cited references, and index to determine relevance. Is it a popular or scholarly source?

Authority - Who is taking responsibility for the source?--subject specialist, news reporter, organization. Where did they obtain their information? Is a bibliography or reference list provided? Look at author credentials, about us links on websites, etc.

Accuracy - Never rely on one source. Compare facts with additional sources.

Purpose - What is the intent of the article/author?--to persuade, to inform, to influence your opinion.


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